Seeking for a clueless place in Bali : Gunung Kawi Temple


gerbang masuk pelataran candi

gng kawi

Candi tebing gunung kawi

I have a wallpaper picture in my pc, and i really want to go to the place in that wallpaper. All i know is just that place is located Bali because the people wearing traditional balinese costume. the other clue? i dont know! 😀

Once upon a day on sparkling sunday, i began my travel with sita my room mate in Denpasar. We went with our flat neighbour searching for green campus in Mambal. After we found it (not too far from Denpasar) we separated. That time sita have no idea where to go, and i remember she asked me “where do u wanna go?” and then i just said “ I wanna go to a place but i dont know what is the name or where is it, well i have the picture in my PC at home in Yogyakarta, all i know just that place is in this island and they made a temple in the cliff”. I don’t remember her reaction that day, maybe she looked at me weirdly or just laugh at me?*&^%$# 😀 . Sita have no clue bout that cliff temple either. Then she ride the motorbike somewhere passed Sangeh a famous monkey forest in Bali. “OOoo now I see Sangeh!! Cool!” in my mind i think i’m not dare enough to enter sangeh despite of my monkey bussines, i mean my last embaracing business with monkeys :D.

Ooopss forget to tell that we just realize that both of us forget to bring our money L. I forgot to bring my wallet including my ATM card and Sita forgot to bring her money, luckily she bring her ATM card. That time we almost run out our motorbike gasoline and we were in the opposite direction to the city, so we turned around and asked someone there bout the nearest town (at least town of kecamatan). Then we found BPD Bali ATM. Sita withdrawed Rp 70.000 from that ATM. We were amazed how come it was Rp 70.000, so the ATM have 2 different kind of money Rp 50.000 and Rp 20.000! We think that was the coolest ATM machine ever in Indonesia!! Hahaha *Villager mode on, ok whatever. 😀 we loved that ATM!

After we bought gasoline Sita took me to Ubud for lunch eventhough for some reason she didn’t want to go to Ubud. Uuumh Ubud, i heard that name many times and one of my traveller friend from Japan said that Ubud is very beautiful to see. He said its so much better touristic centre than Kuta. Even I just went around Ubud for a while i cathced a nice first impression bout Ubud and planned would come there again later.

Then here we go, after lunch in warung pelem golek Ubud, Sita ride me somewhere that she not sure enough where is it, come and out villages, down and up the rivers, found crossroad and take whatever it takes, far and getting far from Ubud, Denpasar moreover!! Haahahaha,well for ur information i prefer this kind of journey then just a usual planned journey :D.

Yuhuuuu we arrived in a small town called Tampaksiring. You can see in the map it is in the north of Denpasar, and people said its about 1- 1,5 hours from Denpasar (by planned right way! ). Suddenly we found a touristic object sign in the middle of the road (still in the Tampaksiring main road). It was “Obyek Wisata Gunung Kawi”. Because we had not entered any touristic object all the day we decided to come in. And we thought that place was a mountain in the middle of the town or a spiritual methaphysic place just like a place with the same name in east Java 😀 well but hopefully not!

After we pay the ticket, we entered the place by walk all the stairs down. All visitor must wear a selendang in our hip to regard the temple. I already bring a shawl so i can use it as a selendang. Sita rent it and we pay it how much as we want for charity. Many foreigner tourist there but not as many as in Kuta or Ubud. In the right and left side of stairs there are many souvenir shops. They selled some specific souvenirs like coconut ball carved handicraft and knitted outfits.

And after we steped all the stairs down. And we entered the real gate of gunung kawi temple. I was shocked!! because i already found the places in my PC wallpaper collection. Yuhuuu Thank God!! At least it released me from my deep curiosity and i told Sita “This is the place what I mean”. And she said “Waaw cool we find it just in one day! You are lucky!!”


candi tebing gunung kawi


tangga menuju candi

gk 7

persawahan di dekat candi gunug kawi


pahatan stupa hindu di tebing

If you ever been to borobudur and prambanan, you should come to gunung kawi temple. Gunung kawi temple basicly have the same stupa shape like prambanan temple but it carved on the cliff. There are two side of carved cliff seperated by river in the middle. This place really peacefull surrounded by spring, paddy fields, river and coconut tree garden. If you go to Bali this place is recomended 🙂

Candi Tebing Gunung Kawi (Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple) Little Info by Me :

– Tickets : IDR 6000,00
– You should rent a selendang to regards the temple, or bring ur own selendang (u can use shawl as a selendang)
– motorbike parking : IDR 1000,00
– You can read the history of this temple in the board next to ticket box
– Nearest tourism objects : Tampaksiring presidential palace (direction to the north)

– Get there from kuta-denpasar, easy direction : sukawati—>>blahbatu—>>bedulu–>>jalan raya pejeng—>>tampaksiring

Map of gunung kawi tampaksiring


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  1. Assalamu ‘alaikum mas.

    Salam kenal yah, saya abis mampir ke Blog mas, dan blog mas sangat bagus dan bermanfaat.

    Dan betapa senangnya saya, apabila mas mau mampir juga ke blog saya, sekalian saling menjalin silaturahmi sesama Blogger.

    Alamat Blog saya:

    Salam kenal,
    Dedhy Kasamuddin

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