A little mangrove exploration in Baros village

So this is what we’ve done to introduce the other side of Yogyakarta to our friends from Japan, Kana and Minako. They have visited some main attractions in Yogyakarta, its time to show them something else. Me and my best friends brought them to a little mangrove conservation, 29 km in the south of Yogyakarta. We went together by car. The sign from main street (JL Parangtritis) was easy to follow until we reach dusun Baros, where the conservation area is. Dusun Baros located in Desa Tirtohargo, Kecamatan Kretek, Kabupaten Bantul. This mangrove conservation is just happening because this area is the first  in Yogyakarta. Many Yogyakartan have been came here because they curious to see mangrove.


Ready to explore Baros mangrove conservation

Luckily when we arrived there, the little conservation office is still open. The people from conservation project greet us and lend us some boots to wear in the mud. Baros mangrove conservation have 5 hectare width by the sea. Not that wide and the mangrove growing project still going on step by step. While we’re exploring the muddy mangrove garden, we met a lot of students planting seedling of mangrove. This project work with some schools from Bantul area. That’s a really good idea! 🙂 . They can learn a lot by doing this project. Our Japanese friends looks really glad we brought them here, especially because this is the first time they visited a mangrove conservation. It doesn’t matter even though we jumped to the dirt a lot.


Walk walk more in the mud


The students are growing mangrove together


The mangrove roots


part of the conservation that already grow bigger

baros mangrove conservation on the map :


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