Taking my couchsurfing guest to a wedding

Recently, I hosted a Russian traveler for 4 days in my house in Yogyakarta. Her name is Anna. She was very nice and never looked tired during her travel in this city. She is also curious with traditional food and local culture. Last Sunday, She should had got a bus ticket to Bromo to continue her journey. But She hadn’t get it yet. She didn’t have any plan on sunday.  So I asked her to join me on my friend’s wedding. It wasn’t the first time I asked my couchsurfing guest to join me on a friend’s wedding. But the first reaction of all my guests were like “seriously?” or “isn’t it a private party?”. All of them which are European were afraid to join me at the first time.
My couchsurfing guest taking picture with the bride and groom's relative

My couchsurfing guest taking picture with the bride and groom’s relative

I explained to them that Indonesian wedding party is not like the common private party like in Europe or in the US. Of course if my friend wedding party is set to private I will not ask someone to join me. Indonesian wedding party mostly more open to guests. People will send wedding invitation at least a week before wedding ceremony. There is an unwritten and common rule that a wedding invitation is valid for two person. Or it is also valid to take your partner and your children as well. Indonesian wedding mostly invite 300 guest or more. Usually the bride and groom’s parents invite their family, relatives and friends more than the bride and groom’s friend itself. Sounds like more the parents party? Yes it is.
In Javanese wedding people don’t dance and toast, like in Europe.But there are some wedding that show some traditional dance performance or music performance. The main event in modern Javanese wedding party is eating all the good food provided. After I explain it, Anna really interested to join me. She said that she is curious about the wedding costume and the food. She didn’t bring any proper outfit for wedding, so I lend her my dress and my high heels. Luckily it was fit on her. We went there by motorbike.
She was excited when we arrived there. We came earlier, so I could show her the whole of reception ceremony. From the arrival of the bride and groom that accompanied by their family, signing a guest book, giving them congratulation shake hand until bride and groom photo session with their friends. When we arrived at the food buffet, I gave some explanation about typical Javanese wedding food. She tried all the food in the buffet. She said all the food there are very tasty. I let her went around to take pictures. People were being friendly to her, and sometimes asked her to take picture with them. In my opinion, taking a traveler to an open wedding in Java is one of a good experience for them. If I travel somewhere and hosted by local and they ask me to join a wedding ceremony, I will be very happy and excited.  But, yea I should make sure how is the wedding situation, is it open like most Javanese wedding or not :).
PS : I still learn how to write a post in English 🙂

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2 responses to “Taking my couchsurfing guest to a wedding

  1. mega

    Yeah, is it possible to have a private wedding party in our culture? ^_^ unless breaking through the tradition…

  2. @mega : Its possible! I’ll make it. LoL

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